Nature meets Science™



Paper&Fog is a work in progress.

I live in Sonoma County, a beautiful region in California that is known for its vineyards, amazing breweries, small little towns, big tourist traps, rolling hills and craggy coastlines. We have farmers and dairy cows, artist enclaves and makers galore. The fog creeps in from the Pacific Ocean and settles into our valleys and hills providing an ethereal beauty in the early morning and late into the evening. 

I celebrate Craft. I make good food, and my love of cooking has translated to a love of dreaming up and researching affordable skin care products. Paper&Fog is my 'empty nest mama' baby. It's quirky and small. Small batch face oil, and a full line of skin products made and sourced with a strict ethical and origin standards.

N A T U R E meets S C I E N C E™

On my first trip to Sonoma County my
friend and I traveled through tulle fog.
Little did I know I would make this
beautiful place my home.
Paper is the beginning of a design,
pencil, pen, charcoal brushes and lots
of erasures.
This is my Paper&Fog.

Born and Raised in Northern California