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A S L E E P evening oil
A S L E E P evening oil

A S L E E P evening oil

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Say goodnight to your skin with a combination of oils that hydrate, protect and refine your skin.

Sweet almond oil, bakuchi (natures retinol), apple stem cells, fermented radish root ( nature's preservative } and last but not least 'Made by Djuna' olive oil, rosehip and rose oil infused with lavender.  Soft, hydrated and ready for bed.

A S L E E P restores the balance and encourages cell turnover while you are dreaming the night away.


  • Sweet Almond Oil. Think moisture barrier as well as a pore minimizer.
  • Squalene Oil (plant based) occurs naturally in our skin. As we age we lose it. This oil promotes blood circulation, promoting collagen production. Simply put, your skin loves it.
  • Bakuchi Oil, nature’s retinol. Encourages cell renewal without the irritation of chemical retinols.
  • A healthy dose of the divine fruit, Pomegranate Oil. Helps reduce the effects if sun damage.
  • I believe in Science. It’s a good thing. Plant derived stem cells, a brand new tool to combat pesky wrinkles, it reduces inflammation (think acne) and enhances collagen production.
  • Finally, Djuna's oil to even your skin tone, hydrate and repair your skin while you dream.
       A S L E E P  &  R E S T O R E
Ethically sourced oil, chemical free; no claims for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, this oil is just plain healthy. Test on small area of arm before using.
Small Batch | Made by Hand

30ml dropper bottle